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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)


Complete a minimum of 45 credits. All courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better. One course with an (IL) Information Literacy and a(CL) Cultural Literacy indicator must be completed. These must include the following:

General Education Requirements


(Two courses of college transfer composition.) 2 courses minimum


(One course of college-level mathematics for which MTH 095  is a prerequisite.) 1 course minimum

Arts and Letters

(The second year of a foreign language may be included, but not the first year. American Sign Language (ASL) is considered a foreign language. The course taken to meet the Oral Communication requirement above may not be used to meet this requirement.) 3 courses minimum

Social Sciences

3 courses minimum

Science/Math/Computer Science

(Three courses, including at least one biological or physical science with a lab.) When choosing courses in science and mathematics, students and advisors should check the specific requirements at receiving schools. Courses that include a laboratory component, or that deal with specific subjects, may be required for majors or degrees.) 3 courses minimum

Choose at Least 1 Course From the Below List (Must Have a Lab):


(Complete additional courses to bring the total number of credits to 45.)

Courses must be from the Arts and Letters, Social Science, or Science/Math/Computer Science subject areas.


  1. Each course must be worth at least three credits (quarter system).
  2. Courses that are designed to prepare students for college-level work are not applicable to the transfer module.
  3. All Oregon community colleges and Oregon University System institutions will offer students the opportunity to complete an Oregon Transfer Module and the OTM designation will be posted on the transcript by the issuing institution upon request. Regionally accredited private colleges and universities within the state are also to offer and issue Transfer Modules, which will be accepted at any Oregon public college or university.
  4. Oregon Transfer Module credits may not match program requirements in the receiving school. The OTM does not supplant existing articulation agreements and does not replace effective advising.
  5. Courses with the (IL) indicator fulfill the Information Literacy requirement the AAOT. A minimum of one course fulfills this requirement.
  6. Course with the (CL) indicator fulfill the Cultural Literacy requirement for the AAOT. A minimum of one course fulfills this requirement.