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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Practical Nursing, Certificate

Location(s): Salem Campus

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Estimated costs for students who complete the Level I program courses listed below are Tuition, $2871; books, $850; Differential fee, $290 universal fee, $1073; clinical/lab fee, $3,207; equipment and supplies, $705; criminal background check and drug testing fee, $113; CPR certification, $40; immunizations and TB screening, estimate $150; licensure testing fee including Pearson fee, $435. These costs do not include all the General Education course fees. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 503.399.5018 to find out if you qualify for help with these costs.

A practical nurse is a member of a nursing or health care team and gives care to patients of all ages under the direction of registered nurses and/or licensed physicians and dentists.

Program Outcomes

Students completing the Practical Nursing certificate should be able to:

  • Patient-centered care: Demonstrate organized and prioritized care in a patient centered manner that advocates for patients and families based on personal preferences, beliefs and values.
  • Quality and Safety: Demonstrate nursing care that minimizes risk of harm to patients, self and others.
  • Clinical Decision Making: Apply the nursing process based on current evidence and patient preferences, needs and values.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrate nursing care that reflects integrity, accountability and legal/ethical practice.
  • Informatics and technology: Demonstrate nursing care using current technology and patient information to maximize safety and optimize health.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Communicate effectively with patients, families, and members of the health-care team.

You may earn a certificate by successfully completing the required 60 credit hours with a grade of “C” or better in all courses. You must earn grades of “C” or better in all required courses in order to progress to the next term. Completion of this level qualifies you to apply to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-PN) to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

Practical Nursing Certificate Prerequisites

Additional Elective Credit Hours: 3 **

Any course of at least three credits and with a course number of 100 or above chosen from one of the following academic areas: ART, ASL, ATH, BI, CH, CLA, COMM, CIS, CS, ENG, FA, FR, GE, GEG, GEO, GS, HDF, HE, HOR, HPE, HST, HUM, JNL, JPN, MTH, MUS, NFM, OC, PE, PH, PHL, PS, PSY, RD, REL, RUS, SOC, SPN, SSC, SSP, WR, WS

The Following Options May Be Used To Fulfill The Psychology Requirement: †

The Following Options May Be Used To Fulfill This Writing Course Requirement: ^

Core Practical Nursing Courses:


*CH 110 , CH 104  & CH 105 , or CH 121  & CH 122  is a prerequisite for BI 231 .

+Meets related instruction requirement, see Degree and Certificate Types . For subject areas, see General Education .

Note: The number of clock hours required for the above courses is higher than the number of credit hours. Details about clock hours for each course may be found in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. Nursing courses are comprised of a combination of classroom and clinical hours with each classroom credit hour equal to one clock hour per week and each clinical credit hour equal to three clock hours per week. Preparation time for class and clinical experiences is outside the clock hours required for each course.

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