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Catalog 2022-2023 
Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, AST

Location(s): Salem Campus

Are you interested in a career as a software developer? Or one in machine learning or data science? Maybe you are interested in learning how to solve brand new problems using computation as a tool. A Computer Science or Software Engineering degree allows you to develop the skills you will need.

Chemeketa’s Computer Science program offers a two-year program that articulates to four-year bachelor’s degree programs in these areas. At Chemeketa, you can earn an Associate of Science Transfer in Computer Science (AST-CS) degree. This degree is accepted by most public universities in Oregon. Students who complete the degree and enroll in a participating university are ensured a two-year path to finishing a bachelor’s degree.

AST-CS Degree outcomes:

  • Develop software using both structured and object-oriented paradigms that meets the requirements of a written specification.
  • Explain the software development life cycle and the specific tools and processes used to create software.
  • Design, analyze, and implement algorithms to solve computational problems using various data structures as problem-solving tools. These data structures must include arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, and hash tables.

Degree options:

There are two versions of the AST-CS degree: the Core cluster and the Systems cluster. The Core cluster is accepted by WOU, SOU, and EOU. The Systems cluster is required for transfer to OSU, PSU, and UO.

Both clusters use the same course list for the first year but are different in the second year. The second year of the Systems cluster requires additional computer science, math, and a sequence of science courses. These extra requirements prepare students for the demands of schools with a greater focus on engineering and research.

Because the first year is the same in both tracks, you do not need to know which university you want to transfer to right away. However, you will need to make this decision by the start of your second year so you can complete the right set of courses. Students uncertain about where they will transfer should complete the Systems cluster.

Associate of Science Transfer - Computer Science

You may earn an associate of science degree by successfully completing the required courses and at least 90 credit hours. You must complete all required courses with a grade of “C” or better to earn the degree. As some universities require computer science and/or math grades higher than a C grade, it is best to check with an advisor of the school you may be thinking of transferring to obtain their specific requirements.

First Year Requirements

First-year requirements apply to both the Core and System degree options. 

Core Cluster

Complete this cluster of courses in addition to the first-year requirements if you are transferring to EOU, SOU, or WOU

System Cluster

Complete this cluster of courses in addition to the first-year requirements if you are transferring to OSU, PSU, or UO