Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

APR 116A Millwright Apprenticeship-Basic Electricity 1A

Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 2
Credits: 5

Covers basic electrical theory, safety procedures, electrical equipment, installation, electrical schematic, electricity measurements, and the industrial applications of AC/DC motors.

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Explain electrical theory. 
  2. Practice industry standard safety practices. 
  3. Identify and use electrical equipment. 
  4. Describe features of electrical schematic. 
  5. Compute electrical measurements. 
  6. Explain industrial applications of AC/DC motors. 

Content Outline
  • Electrical Theory 
  • Safety 
  • Electrical Equipment 
  • Electrical Schematic 
  • Electrical Measurements 
  • AC/DC Motors