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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Career Choices

As you begin at Chemeketa, you may have already decided on a career you want to pursue or a program area you want to enter. Many students, however, are still figuring that out when they start at the college. If you are still exploring career options, the information here may be helpful. Below is a list of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Chemeketa has programs of study for most of these careers. In some cases there is more than one choice of a program to get you started in the field. For some of the professions you may need to get training at another community college. In all cases, you will see where you can find more information about the program or whom you need to contact.

Fastest Growing Occupations in the United States
Cooks Contact Linn-Benton Community College - 541.917.4999 
Data Scientists See Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer/Mathematics Major  
Information Security Analysts See Computer Information Systems Associate of Applied Science  
Logisticians See Business Management, Associate of Applied Science  
Medical and Health Service Managers See Nursing Associate of Applied Science/Nursing Major  
Nurse Practitioners See Nursing Associate of Applied Science/Nursing Major + Post-Baccalaureate Education  
Occupational Therapy Assistants Contact Linn-Benton Community College - 541.917.4999
Physician Assistant See Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer/Biology Major  
Physical Therapist Assistant Contact Lane Community College - 541.463.3000
Solar Photovoltaic Installers See Renewable Energy Management Associate of Applied Science Degree Option  
Speech-Language Pathologists See Speech Language Pathology Associate of Applied Science  
Statisticians See Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer/Mathematics Major  
Substance Abuse, Behavior Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors See Addiction Studies Associate of Applied Science    
Statisticians See Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer/Mathematics Major  
Web Developer See Computer Information Systems, Associate of Applied Science Degree   or Multimedia Arts, Associate of Applied Science Degree  
Wind Turbine Service Technicians See Renewable Energy Management Associate of Applied Science Degree Option  
Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics Publish Date: September 8, 2022

Here is a list of the fastest-growing jobs in Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties. As you look at these jobs, keep in mind that some of these jobs require a degree or certificate, but others may just require a few courses. In each of these areas, Chemeketa has the training available to prepare you for work. The contact and program information will help you find the classes or program you need.

Occupation Contact Telephone Programs and Courses
Construction Managers Karen Edwards 503.399.3996 See Business Management Program  
Dental Assistants
Dental Hygienist
Jill Lomax
Paula Hendrix
See Dental Assisting Program 
See Dental Hygienist  
Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare Center/Program Pam Ditterick 503.399.6076 See Early Childhood Education  
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician Chuck Sekafetz 503.399.6254 See Electronics Technology  
Health Information Technologists, Medical Registrars, and Technical Worders Dana Nolan 503.589.7776 See Health Management  
Industrial Engineering Technicians Mike Myers 503.399.6066 See Welding  
Life, Physical, and Social Science Technicians Megan Gonzalez 503.584.7359 See Criminal Justice, Corrections & Law Enforcement   
Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairers Chuck Sekafetz 503.399.6254 See Electronics Technology  
Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education Pam Ditterick 503.399.6076 See Early Childhood Education  
Private Detectives and Investigators Megan Gonzalez 503.584.7359 See Criminal Justice, Corrections & Law Enforcement  
Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers Karen Edwards 503.399.3996 See Business Management Program  
Source: Oregon Employment Department Retrieved Date: February 9, 2023

Career Pathways Certificates, Short-term Training Awards, and Business and Industry Certification

You may not need to complete a two-year degree to prepare for some of the jobs that are of interest to you. Many programs offer Career Pathways Certificates of Completion. Career pathways courses will apply to a Certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in the same field. These certificates can help you get started on a career or advance in your chosen field while continuing your education toward higher degrees.

Another alternative is getting training for a specific workplace skill and receiving a short-term training award. The amount of time required for short-term training ranges from a few hours to one or two terms.

Industry certification is a recognized approach to demonstrate your proficiencies in any one of a wide range of technical and administrative areas. Whether you are seeking a position with a new organization or looking to advance in your present organization, certification demonstrates that you have the skills you need to take the next step. At Chemeketa Community College, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable career education that meets the needs of professionals and employers. You will be working with experienced faculty, using today’s technology, paying a fraction of the cost of private training companies. The course material is developed to help you prepare for the certification test and succeed on the job.

Contact the departments or individuals listed below or check the pages indicated for more information.

Career Pathways Certificates of Completion (Credit)
Certificate Contact Credits
Accounting   Lana Tuss, 503.399.6152 43
Arc Welding   Mike Myers, 503.399.6066 22
Automotive Entry-Level Technician   Brian McLearn, 503.399.6523 28
Basic Corrections   Megan Gonzalez, 503.584.7350 37
Basic Law Enforcement   Megan Gonzalez, 503.584.7350 38
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator   Duane Hibbeler, 503.399.5087 40
Data Analytics for Accounting   Lana Tuss, 503.399.6152 39
Early Childhood Education: Infant/Toddler   Pam Ditterick, 503.399.6076 19
Early Childhood Education: Preschool   Pam Ditterick, 503.399.6076 18
Emergency Medical Technician   Chris Arbuckle, 503.399.2662 12
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management   Karen Edwards, 506.399.3996 36
Event Management   Eric Aebi, 503.589.7994 36
Food and Beverage Management   Eric Aebi, 503.589.7994 36
Lodging Management   Eric Aebi, 503.589.7994 36
MIG Welding   Mike Myers, 503.399.6066 14
Office Fundamentals   Barbara Johansen, 503.399.2894 40
Payroll   Lana Tuss, 503.399.6152 20
Procurement   Karen Edwards 503.399.3996 28
Retail Management   Karen Edwards, 503.399.3996 38
Sustainability in Management   Karen Edwards, 503.399.3996 19
Tax Preparation   Lana Tuss, 503.399.6152 16
Tourism and Travel Management   Eric Aebi, 503.589.7994 36
Vineyard Operations   Megan Jensen, 503.584.7254 36
Short-Term Training Awards (Non-credit) Training Contact Duration
Basic Nurse Assistant Amanda Beckner, 503.399.5258 11 weeks
DEQ Maintenance Provider CCBI, 503.399.5181 16 hours
DEQ Onsite Wastewater Installer CCBI, 503.399.5181 8 hours
Flagger Trainer CCBI, 503.399.5181 8 hours
Non-Credit Training Certificates CCBI, 503.399.5181 Hours
Apple macOS System Maintenance CCBI, 503.399.5181 24
Basic Warehouse Certificate CCBI, 503.399.5181 32
Real Estate Broker CCBI, 503.399.5181 38
Truck Driving Paul Davis, 503.584.7553 160