Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

AUM 158 Automotive Steering and Suspension

Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 6
Credits: 5

Presents the principles of automotive wheel, steering, and suspension systems. Includes front and rear suspension alignment, theory of suspension operation, and wheel service and balance. Applies accepted repair procedures on automotive suspension.

Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Differentiate the components of automotive front and rear suspension systems. 
  2. Describe the theories of wheel balance, front suspension component, and rear suspension component function and operation related to repair procedures. 
  3. Diagnose, service, and repair automotive wheel and suspension systems. 
  4. Identify and describe the operation of various electronically controlled systems including supplemental restraint systems, electronic power steering, hybrid vehicle steering and suspension systems, and stability control. 

Content Outline
  • Shop Practice
  • Components of the Automobile Chassis
  • Springs and Suspension
  • Theory of Steering
  • Steering Gears
  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Rear Suspension
  • Wheel Balance
  • Diagnosing Steering and Suspension Troubles