Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

APR 256H HVAC/R Apprenticeship-Intermediate 5

Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 2
Credits: 5

Focuses on understanding the sequence of operations for heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, and HVAC accessories. Designed for Oregon State recognized apprentices working in the HVAC/R trade.

Prerequisite: APR 256G  with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Identify the difference between the sequences of operations between heat pumps and air conditioners. 
  2. Troubleshoot malfunctions with heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, and HVAC accessories. 
  3. Explain economizers as they pertain to building health and energy savings. 

Content Outline
  • Troubleshooting heat pumps 
  • Troubleshooting gas heating 
  • Troubleshooting oil heating 
  • Troubleshooting accessories