Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

APR 266J Sheetmetal Apprenticeship-Duct Sizing

Lecture Hours: 4
Lab Hours: 2
Credits: 5

Presents related training materials consistent with the minimum skill requirements of the sheet metal trade. Includes air balance, duct design fundamentals, duct standards, and associated equipment and refrigeration.

Prerequisite: APR 266I  with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Describe terms associated with grills, diffusers, and registers, and to describe installation and balancing of these devices. 
  2. Identify the steps required for sizing duct-runs. Apply theory as it relates to trade competencies 
  3. Perform duct and heat loss calculations and construction standards for varying pressure systems. Apply appropriate formulas to mathematical situations, 
  4. Describe two kinds of mass-produced duct connections and transverse duct flanges, and how to check systems or sections for leakage. 
  5. Utilize recognized standard building codes guidelines as applicable 
  6. Read and interpret building plans and drawings 

Content Outline
  • Air Balance 
    • Grills 
    • Diffusers 
    • Registers 
  • Installations and Balancing 
  • Duct Design 
    • Sizing 
    • Calculations 
    • Heat loss 
  • Duct Standards for Low, Medium and High Pressure Systems Mass Produced Duct 
    • Connections 
    • Flanges 
  • Specifications for Checking Leakage 
  • Principles of Refrigeration