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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

ANES 210 Anesthesia Technology Clinical Practicum 1

Lab Hours: 12
Credits: 4

Demonstrate practical applications of their knowledge and skills by application of clinical skills and work ethic during the anesthesia technologist clinical rotation. Practice job search skills for an entry-level position as an anesthesia technologist.

Prerequisite: ANES 105  with a grade of C or better; and concurrent enrollment in ANES 203 ; or consent of instructor.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate clinical application of skills acquired from previous didactic and laboratory coursework in the patient care setting.  
  2. Describe the preparation of all types of anesthesia equipment for a variety of anesthesia cases and procedures. 
  3. Differentiate between complex and simple types of anesthesia equipment and supplies. 
  4. Analyze patient information to develop an adequate plan of care. 

Content Outline
  • Basic and Advanced Anesthesia Set-up for all Types of Cases 
    • Anesthesia Gas Machine 
    • Anesthesia Drug Cart 
    • OR Table 
    • Hemodynamic Monitoring 
    • Patient Warming Devices 
  • Maintenance of Anesthesia Workroom 
  • Collaborate and Assist with Anesthesia Personnel in Patient Care 
  • Troubleshoot Basic and Advanced Anesthesia Equipment Problems/Malfunctions for all Types of Cases. 
  • Function as an Anesthesia Technologist in: 
    • Cardiac Anesthesia 
    • Trauma Anesthesia 
    • Pain Clinic 
  • Function in a Leadership Role as an Anesthesia Technologist