Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

AUM 157 Auto Brake Systems

Lecture Hours: 3
Lab Hours: 7
Credits: 6

Covers the theory and principles of automotive brake systems. Includes service diagnosis and repair of disc and drum brakes, manual and power brakes, brake system controls, indicating devices, safety, and A.B.S. and traction control system diagnosis.

Prerequisite: AUM 151  and AUM 158 , each with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor.
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Identify automotive brake systems components. 
  2. Explain the theories of brake systems and component functions and operation. 
  3. Diagnose Antilock Brake Systems and Traction Control devices. 
  4. Service and repair automotive brake components and systems. 
  5. List and describe the operation of the basic parts of a brake system. 

Content Outline
  • Shop Practice
    • Safety
    • Safety related to ABC components and pressures
    • Tool usage
    • Service publications
  • Principles of Hydraulics
    • Pascal’s laws
    • Compressibility of fluids and gas
    • Definition of force and pressure
    • Calculations of force and pressure
    • Definition and calculations of hydraulic levers
  • Brake Fundamentals
    • Types of brake systems
    • Vehicle dynamics as it relates to acceleration and deceleration
    • Conversion and conservation of energy
    • Friction and coefficient of friction problems
    • Fade as it relates to friction
  • Wheel Cylinders
    • Types
    • Operation and function
    • Inspection, diagnosis and service
  • Master Cylinders
    • Types and applications
    • Operation
    • Inspection, diagnosis and service
  • Drum Brakes
    • Theory of operation
    • Construction of basic types
    • Self-adjusting operation
    • Emergency brake operation
    • Drum brake inspection, diagnosis, service and repair
  • Disc Brakes
    • Theory of operation
    • Disc brake advantages
    • Construction of basic types
    • Disc brake inspection, diagnosis, service and repair
  • Power Assisted Brakes
    • Vehicle power brake requirement
    • Theory of vacuum and atmosphere pressure
    • Vacuum power booster operation
    • Hydraulic power booster operation
    • Power assisted brake inspection, diagnosis, service and repair
  • Control, Indicating Devices,
    • Brake warning light
    • Proportioning valve
    • Metering valve
    • Combination valve
  • Hydraulic System Service
    • Types and function of brake fluid
    • Service and inspection of brake lines
    • Service and inspection of brake hoses
    • Service and inspection of brake fluid
    • Brake system lubricants and cleaners
  • Antilock Brake Systems and Traction Control
    • ABS system component identification
    • ABS Theory of operation
    • ABS and traction control integration
    • ABS and traction control diagnosis